About LJ

Hi! Thanks for visiting JourneyEverlasting. I wouldn’t consider myself a “writer,” but I have thoughts from time to time that I think is beneficial to put down on paper and share with those who are interested. Not lighter topics like my favorite recipes, my dream vacation spots, or my resolutions for the next year, but more of what God is teaching me in the moments I’m writing.

I’m a Nashville native still living in the area and working for Nashville SC, the city’s newest professional team. I’m in my second year of marriage to my husband Joshua, and I’m navigating my 20s with the help of some amazing family and friends. My life has been full of blessings – that is for sure! However I’ve had my share of heartbreak and difficult paths. And that is what has led to JourneyEverlasting. Head on over to the Blog Posts page, dive in, and connect with me!

-LJ (previously LC)