Patience in the Waiting (Part 2)

Patience isn’t waiting. It’s what you do while you wait.

One of my very first posts when I started my blog back in the fall of last year was called Patience in the Waiting. It can be found HERE. In the post, I talk about what it looks like to wait for the next big thing in life, why it’s important to live in the “now,” how to focus on what’s in front of you, etc. I wrote it in October, so about 8 months ago. It’s crazy to think about how much has happened since then, and just how much I continue to learn about waiting and what that looks like. So here’s a follow up post, or sequel, if you will, building upon what I am learning even since then.

At that time, when I thought about what “patience” looks like, I thought of “waiting.” However, it’s deeper than that. Patience isn’t waiting. It’s what you do while you wait. It’s not the concept of waiting, but it’s how you wait. I touched on this idea briefly in the first post, but at that time, I think it was just a concept I knew to be true. Now, I feel as though God has showed me how to live this out and the kinds of things I need to be doing while I wait. And that’s why there had to be a sequel, of course.

Since my blog is more on the personal side of things, let’s get personal. I’ll just be honest—I’m waiting on a few things. First of all, I’m waiting on my future husband to arrive (that’s a journey all on it’s own). Marriage is something I have dreamed of and been looking forward to for as long as I can remember. One of the biggest desires that God placed inside of me from the time I could read and write was to be a wife and a mother. So at age 23, with a career, independence, and goals in front of me, you could definitely say I feel like I’m ready to meet him and for our journey to begin. Another thing I’m waiting on is direction with my career path, as well as direction on further schooling. I have desires for where I want to end up in my career, but I’m unsure what steps I need to take to get there, and that’s something I’ve been praying over consistently. The third big thing I feel like I am waiting for is healing of the mind. The last year or so has brought on a lot of anxiety and tendencies that cause fear and the opportunity for Satan to interfere with my mind. I’ve been praying for healing and for God to do His work there. Those are probably the three biggest things that I am patiently awaiting.

So what am I doing in the meantime, and why is this important? Well, first and foremost, I’m keeping my hope and my focus. I’m remaining anchored to what I know to be true and what God tells me to do in His word:


I keep this on the dash of my car. A dear friend gave this to me last summer and it’s sat there ever since. It’s a daily reminder of what I need to be doing in the waiting: be STRONG, take COURAGE! In addition, I’m clinging to His promises and what He tells me He will do. If you have a relationship with God, you know that He always keeps His promises. Not sure what He actually promises you? Hit up the scriptures, or Google it even. It’s there.

Another thing I’m doing more of is asking God what He wants me to be doing in the waiting. What does He want me to focus on and pour into while He’s molding me into who He wants me to be before it comes? A couple mornings ago on a 45-minute commute at 7am to a meeting, God laid on my heart so strongly to pour into the youth more – specifically high school aged girls. Whether that means leading a Bible study, mentoring, or volunteering somehow, I’m about to spend the next few weeks or so figuring out what that needs to look like. There’s a reason He’s pushing me in that direction.

I could go on but I should probably wrap this up. Basically, what I’m saying is to use your thoughts and time wisely in the waiting. As I mentioned earlier, patience is not about waiting. It’s about what you do in the waiting, who you become in the waiting, and Who you are trusting in the waiting. Have you ever thought that maybe what you’re waiting for hasn’t come, not because of anyone or anything else, but maybe because you’re not ready? Dive deeper into this waiting period. I promise, there is more in this season for you to discover.


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